ME- The whoop whoops return.

Remember that “recap” post- the one I posted a week ago? Well, I’m back with another one. Hi 🙂

I managed to present that project I spoke about without having a nervous breakdown, one whoop whoop point here. I had a few days to warm up to the idea of talking about something related to what I like and such which was nice. It often feels- especially this new school year – like I have to talk about myself or what I feel or something out of obligation, because “I owe someone an explanation” which isn’t true at all. I don’t owe anyone anything, I need to accept that and stop feeling obligated to talk.

What did I choose to talk about? This blog of course, apparently no one ever really listens to what I say because I mentioned this blog dozens of times and people still raised there hand when asked if they didn’t know about it-

But enough of the negativity…

I was asked by the teacher if “they could know what my blog is called” and I said no because I have my reasons. However, she did understand why and wasn’t offended so she now has the link to this blog. So…. hi if you’re reading this.

I got a good mark in an essay, whoop whooooooooooooop.

There was a lot of stress this week, not gonna lie. A had a lot of homework to get done and notes to write, my hand is still reeling from that. Anxiety levels have been tested and so have some waters. I think as a whole, things are looking up for the year if the weeks keep progressing as they have been.

Whoop whoop score: 8/10 (10 being the highest, 1 the lowest).

Final thoughts: Keep calm, don’t let the stress get to me- as per usual. Have more confidence in myself, I can do anything so long as I set my mind to it.

Final Questions: Would you guys like this to a sort of weekly recap? I have no problem in doing it seeing as I already have 😊 Also, if someone you knew asked you for the link to your blog, would you give it to them?


5 thoughts on “ME- The whoop whoops return.

  1. Hewwo there!
    *high five* I’m proud xD
    I’d never, ever talk about my blog or introduce it to others. They’ve stolen a lot of parts of me and my blog is just mine, my own little bubble. I have to set some limits when it comes to classmates and teachers due to some reasons and in my blog I just…write and do whatever the hell I want to do. I don’t them to intrude on one of the things that I value the most. But maybe that’s just me and my inhumane classmates.

    I’ve spent so many hours on this math exam I better reap what I have sown xD Again, proud of you for scoring that and need the updates, especially ones that have drama!

    1. I’m with you on that- my bubble is mine and mine alone, the only people who actually have the link to my blog are like 4 people who have supported me and have never made me feel like I’m nothing. I think inhumane classmates are everywhere tbh :/ I’ve been with the same group of people for over 10 years and I STILL don’t trust them.

      I’ll try my best to get the *tea* and spill it here xD I’ll keep the updates coming 🙂

      1. Yeah, 3 of ’em know about mine and I’ve been with these classmates for years so I know how toxic they can be.

        It better be hot tea! xD

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