A recap -school, anxiety amongst other things

You guys asked for a school recap so here it is! 🙂

It’s not been a terrible week, I’ve had worse. I have new teachers this year (a silent “whoop whoop” for that) and new subjects (this also deserves a “whoop whoop”).

Our teacher does thing where she chooses a good student who either excelled that week in her lesson or was just generally good behaved unlike other lessons. And I got chosen- reason unknown because I’m not loud or disruptive, or at least that’s what my other teachers have said. I’m happy about that because I don’t get chosen for many things unlike other people; a bit of motivation is always welcome 🙂

We were assigned a project where we have to talk about ourselves and well, I don’t think people understand how hard it is to talk about yourself when you aren’t- I’m not going to say unhappy but I dunno, not confident? Insecure? Anxious all the time to the point that your head is constantly thinking about all the things that can go wrong, without being able to actually control those thoughts?

The teacher that actually assigned the project was understanding which was nice, and I get that it’s the “default project” but things have changed since we used to do these things. It’s always nice to know that someone actually understands, because I’ve met teachers who have a very ‘I don’t care’ attitude which sucks- this time I got lucky.

On a happier note; I got an essay done and I’m actually happy with it for once (whoop whoops all around 😁😁). If you guys would like me to post that let me know.

I’ve also been reunited with an old friend, which is amazing because we used to be best friends.

All in all, it isn’t a bad first week. What can I learn from this week? That I shouldn’t let the bad stuff get to me and just try to keep positive no matter what 🙂 There are always going to be bad days but, acceptance of the unknown is key I think.


12 thoughts on “A recap -school, anxiety amongst other things

  1. God I loved those days when you weren’t loud and were quiet and people(teachers) actually loved you for that. A big whoop whoop for that

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