Best Wishes ~HTT~

My lover’s in the closet.

He’s been there

For some time.

They call me “Mistress”

But I’ve committed

No crime.

He tried to suffocate me,

But he knew he’d never

Replace me.

Hate me?

Oh no, he was my lover at best.

Helloooo everyone! And welcome to Happy Tears Tuesday (or HTT) πŸ™‚ This going to be a series of poems/stories that will be posted every Tuesday, through October and November. Hope you like it!

Also: I just started school, which means; stress, stress and even more stress. Would you guys like me to share how I felt the first week back or something like that, just generally school related?


8 thoughts on “Best Wishes ~HTT~

  1. He’s in the closet, eh? Just be careful for Lucas’s dead body not to fall out when you feed him!

    Yeshhh do it and tell us about your nerdy schedule :3

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