Little Typewriter -Chapter 4

A lie told often enough becomes the truth. 

Vladimir Ilyich Lenin 

Sometimes I wish that world would become a smaller place. That way, I could keep my friends close and my enemies closer. I wouldn’t have to leave my home and I wouldn’t have to be a puppet in their game. That’s what a Queen is after all, a messenger of lies. A messenger of death. 

Kalon Zaveri –Midnight Thoughts 


They had a feast, a party, a gathering… Call it what you will, it was planned. Excitement all around, dresses made, people struggling to breathe because of the dresses made, the whole package deal.  

“You expect her to dance? I think you’ve really started to lose it Jeremie… You and I both know that Macros would rather do backflips than let this sorry excuse for a monarch dance in front of people.” Orberynn said, gliding through the hallway. 

“You make it sound as if she’s incapable of being human.” Jeremie argued, “Either way, we can’t hide her in a cupboard for the whole night. It is expected for a Queen to dance!” 

“It is also expected of a Queen to act with dignity and grace. Kalon has neither.” Orberynn insisted, “She will not be dancing tonight!” 

“Now don’t mention a word this tradition in front of her, she has a thing for contradicting us.” The older man opened the door to the Queen’s suite. 

“Ah, your royal highness! Just to woman we wanted to see.” Jeremie said, nudging Orberynn towards her.  

“I’m not signing any documents without seeing what is written on them beforehand.” Kalon stated. She was sitting at her desk, wearing a silk nightgown that was a parting gift from Sealle.  

It shows your femininity, wearing a normal top and trousers will not cut it for those kinds of people.” Sealle had told her as she gave her the gift. They still weren’t on the best of terms when she departed for Neanch, as much as the seamstress hoped otherwise. 

Would it have been better off that she knew from the start. Even though death would’ve been looming over their heads every day until the council found out. You’re just as much of a daughter to me and as Fran and Noah are my sons. What a lie that was but it was the closest thing to the truth. She wanted to protect her, to keep the child safe, to see her get married and have children. All that hope was now gone. Thrown into the wind along with all her dreams. 

“Your highness? Kalon?” 

“Oh, sorry. What were you saying, Jeremie?” She said quietly, her eyes distant. 

“This evening there will be the soiree-” another word to the list “and according to Vivienne, your lady’s maid, said you are refusing to choose a dress to wear.” Jeremie mumbled, awaiting a reprimand. 

“I am not refusing to choose a dress but simply disliking to choices.” Kalon stood up and walked over to the dresses, pointing to a teal, silk dress. 

“I mean really, who wears silk on the hottest day of the year! And the colour is all wrong….” she frowned and shook her head at the other dresses. 

“We weren’t aware of the weather conditions before making these dresses, your majesty.” 

“No one is berating you for that. I am merely suggesting that you create a selection of fabrics and designs instead of making the exact same dress in a variety colours.” 

“Queen Serein never told us that she would like other selections…” Orberynn muttered under his breath. 

“Then Queen Serein was a pushover.” Kalon denounced and after gaining her composure added,” I’d like to speak to the seamstress, surely that can be arranged?” 

Jeremie nodded, “Yes, of course.” 


The daylight came and went, like a summer’s morning and here she was, wearing the dress of her choice. Vivienne was doing her hair when Kalon quietly started to sing to herself. 

“I’m not sure I’ve heard that one before…” Vivienne said sweetly. 

“Excuse me?” 

“The song- It sounds lovely.” Vivienne continued cautiously. 

“Oh, the song!” Kalon exclaimed, “My mother used to sing it when I was a child. I didn’t sleep easily back then, so she’d sit down and patiently sing it to me till I fell asleep.” 

“Is it a traditional Saharian song?” 

“Now that I think of it, I don’t have much of a clue.” The Queen admitted. 

Vivienne continued working on the queen’s hair and added a few more pins to ensure that it would stay put through the night before saying, “Ready to go your highness!” 

“Have you worked here long, Vivienne?” 

“I worked for 6 years with Queen Serein but before me, there was my mother who was also Queen Dana’s maid.” the maid answered humbly.  

Kalon stood up and walked over to the door before saying, “Thank you for doing my hair, I’m a hopeless case with such things.” 

“It was my pleasure, your highness.” The maid replied and curtsied, expecting the Queen leave so that she could resume her duties. 

“And do call me Kalon, I have a feeling I’ll need an ally.”  

Here we are again 🙂 I had to do some unnecessary fashion research for this one… Any thoughts or theories about what you think is going to happen? Or anything you’d like to see?

Hint for next chapter: love is in the air


6 thoughts on “Little Typewriter -Chapter 4

  1. Theory: Kalon will be the crazy yet powerful lady.
    Vivanne is going to be the spy.
    Sealle will somehow help them but will hurt them as well.
    Orberynn sucks. She’ll betray the Queen and would rather see her dethroned.
    Jeremie…I honestly don’t know. I don’t think he’ll matter much though.

    Since I haven’t read all of your story PJ, I’m not sure if this criticism would go with or not, but what if you added some reselmbelence of time and place? I’m honestly getting confused about what’s happening and whether it’s a flashback or not.

    1. That’s one thorough and good theory! Kalon crazy? Duh. I’ve got some stuff planned for Sealle, 475 words just outlining her storyline tbh. Orberynn always has and always will suck, don’t worry about that. 😂

      So far everything is in the past except for a scene when Sealle and Kalon are fighting in a previous chapter. I’ll definitely figure something out as a time and place thing, maybe something I’ll do something out of the box, idk.

      1. *bows* I know, I know 😂 Sealle is quote a mystery, until now.

        Yeah, I get it. After a year of writing my book, I decided it’s taking place in Mexico, mentions of the Middle East and the U.S.A. It also organised my characters’ journeys, tbh.

      2. Hmmm, until now? You have no idea what’s to come my friend.

        I know where it’s set essentially… I made up the countries myself so more creative liberties, I think. All I need is to sort out the time part 😊

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