Five Foot Four

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

Leave me alone.

I can’t do this anymore…

Sick of walking when I’m only five foot four.

Why can’t you stop talking?

8 thoughts on “Five Foot Four

  1. NF.
    Sorry I couldn’t xD
    You’re five-foot-four??? My friends are around that height and, sometimes, I feel like a giant.
    But, you’ll have to know that I’ll never leave you alone-speaking in the stalker sense. =)
    Okay that was creepy sorry xD

    1. It’s fine 😂😂 It’s average height in my country but I’m quite tall for my age which is weird *face palms*

      I may have grown taller or smthn because I wrote this a while ago (the five foot four part) and it was part of another poem…

      The stalker part: I’m fine with it… I mean I’ve gone through like 2 posts without seeing a comment from you, was beginning to get worried 😂😂

      1. We’re kinda giants here 😂

        Ahhh I see.

        😂😂😂😂 Oh my God PJ 😂. Sometimes I dun know what to comment so I just stay silent that’s all 😂

        You’re a weirdo just like me 😂

      2. Damnnn, the clubs keep building up 😂😂 but hey, rather be a weirdo than be normal 😂

        Btw, cause I dunno you read my last to posts, there’s gonna be a surprise on Tuesday 😀

      3. Good 😂😂
        I did. Here are my questions btw:
        If you got turned into a bird, wha type of bird would you be?
        What you of bird would trump be?
        What is the place that you feel safest at?
        Who are you now and who will you be?
        Cutest animal in the world?
        Hoodies or jackets?
        Water or juice?
        Dream haircut/hair colour??
        Favourite candy?
        I know, they’re pretty random 😂
        Did you have to tell me that there was a surprise a week before? Seriously? Ihy 😂

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